VR Rowing Simulator

The Future of exercising

This project was made as part of my degree at DAE and focussed on collaboration between the development team and an external client. For this project we were tasked with creating a VR rowing simulator that could be used as an immersion tool for training, as well as a VR demo at gaming and technology expositions.

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Boulder Crash

A Crash Bandicoot boulder level clone

This project uses a custom engine written in C++ and DirectX. The engine features post processing effects, hardware skinning, particle effects and shadow mapping. The game is a copy of the boulder levels from Crash Bandicoot. The level and gates were modelled by me, the other models were found online. All animations come from Mixamo. The engine doesn’t feature an editor so designing the level was partially done in code and mostly created in 3D studio max and exported through max script to the engine.

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A clone of a clone of WarCraft2!

This project was made from scratch, using SDL to display 2D textures. It is a clone of the opensource project ‘FreeCraft’, which in its turn is a clone of the popular game ‘WarCraft2’. It was the first full solo project made as part of my education at DAE.

The FreeCraft project was shut down by Blizzard, so this project contains copyrighted materials and the only purpose of CloneCraft is purely educational.

It features level loading from an image, basic enemy AI, a great variety of units, buildings and upgrades the player can explore.

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