VR Rowing Simulator

The Future of exercising

This project was made as part of my degree at DAE and focussed on collaboration between the development team and an external client. For this project we were tasked with creating a VR rowing simulator that could be used as an immersion tool for training, as well as a VR demo at gaming and technology expositions.

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Pray Prey

A couch party game for four players!

Pray, prey! is the result of the course ‘game projects’ at dae. During this course, we made a game demo with a team of 4-6 people in the theme of a couch party game. My team and I decided to go with a cat and mouse themed game, where one player can play as a hawk and up to two other players can play as mice. The goal for the mice is to get to the end of the level, while getting enough score to open the passage to safety at the end. But the hawk is hungry, so it’s goal is to catch and kill the mice! The mice can shoot and kill the hawk, but the hawk will always keep coming back. Once a mouse is death, it stays dead!

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