Crystal Mech

DAE Crea-week gamejam entry

This game is the result of the crea week gamejam at DAE and was created in two and a half days for concept to finished prototype.

About the project

This game was made over the course of 2 and a half days as part of the crea week gamejam at DAE with a team of 4 programmers and 4 artists. The theme for the jam was “Magic and three rules”, whith this the team started brainstorming and we came up with a concept. We decided on a bullethell twin stick shooter for up to 4 players. The players control a magical mech that can swap between 3 stances, this is where we implemented the theme. Every stance changes the color of the mech’s crystal and his abilities. With each stance come two abilies, one smaller ability that can be cast many times over and one big ability with a lot longer of a cooldown. The three stances are: attack(red), defense(yellow) and utility(blue). With the attack stance the player can shoot bullets from their staff or summon a laser beam that does massive damage, but has to charge for a while. The defense stance is all about shields, the small ability spawns a small shield in front of the player that blocks all units and reflects bullets shot by enemies back at them. The large ability is an enormous shield sphere around the player. It does not block enemies from moving inside the dome but is also reflects all enemy bullets back at the shooter. Finally there is the utility stance, when a player has this stance enabled he can run around very fast using the small ability and heal him and surrounding players using the big ability. The second also has quite a long charge up time and immobilizes the player untill the spell has completed.

The setting of the game is in a medieval time that is being attacked by evil mechanical creatures that emerge from dark portals that appeared all over the world. The mechs came to the rescue to protect the villagers and fight off the invading creatures. There are three types of enemies, suicide bomber sheep, fireball shooting unicorns and magical mech dragons. As the name implies, the sheep run at the players and explode when they get close. The other enemies will get in range of the player and shoot them. The unicorns shoot just one fireball, while the dragons shoot three in a cone towards the players.

All assets were created by the amazing artists in the team, and the game was made using Unreal engine 4.

My involvement

I created the folowing parts of the game:

  • Mech stances and transitions
  • Firing the bullets in the attack state
  • Cooldowns on the laser + integrating the laser BP into the mech
  • Healing ability
  • Running ability
  • Big shields
  • Small shields
  • Integrating particle effects to the mech
  • Integrating sounds to the mech
  • General bug fixing


The game is available for download on the official page .

Meet the team

Name Role
Ewout van Gasse Programmer
Glenn van Waesberghe Programmer
Robin Strubbe Programmer
Mathias Dierickx Programmer
Emile Van Den Berghe Artist
Cristina Silaghi Artist
Jennifer Blömeke Artist
Maximiliaan Maene Artist