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Hello! My name is Mathias and I'm a game developer from Belgium with a passion for gaming and everything related to it. I'm currently working as a programmer at Sumo Digital in Sheffield. I have a degree in Game Development acquired from DAE (magna cum laude).

Before I started Digital Arts and Entertainment, I started studying Computer Science at the university in Leuven, however after a year I wanted to do something more hands on. Even though I learned a lot from the more theorethical approach at university, I felt like DAE would be a better fit for me.

I am mostly interested in engine and network programming, I would also love to do some tools or UI programming!

I started in the industry as a placement programmer at Sumo Digital, where I got hired as a junior programmer after three months. This placement was the final part to get my degree in game development from DAE. During this time I got to experience many aspects of the game development process, ranging from QA-support and implementing new gameplay features to creating tools for other team members to use.



I'm familiar with the folowing programs and languages, and I am also able to learn new stuff really quickly if needed.

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